Shenzhen AIDERRY  technology is a highly innovative company specializing in the development of video signals, and has a good electronic technology development professionals, in areas such as: RF, CVBS, BNC, S-VIDEO, SCART, VGA, DVI, YPBPR , YUV, YCBCR, RGB, RGBS, RGBHV, CGA, EGA, HDMI, TTL and other conversion, distribution and switching signals.
According to customer demand, according to customer product specifications to information provided by the customer-oriented, tailored to customers a more economical and practical products.

OEM / ODM advantages

1, professional development and design personnel, with many years of video product development experience, a large number of ready-made solutions, ODM save time and cost, chip manufacturers have good cooperation and technical support;
2, the factory has a good basis for cooperation, saving production time, better to shorten the delivery period;
3, strictly control the production materials into the plant quality devices and accessories. Provide protection for your product quality and brand;
4, without changing the product quality, the cost of the program offers a variety of options;
5, in strict accordance with the standard three packs, after-sales more secure.